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Miraculous recovery: Snake bite victim Eli Campbell gets his sight back

Doctors thought he’d need care for the rest of his life – and he may - but little Eli is improving every day beyond their hopes.

Queensland toddler Eli Campbell’s battle to survive has captured the hearts of a nation. Bitten three times by one of the world’s deadliest snakes in September as he collected eggs, the prognosis for the tough little two-year-old has been far from positive.

But in a recent update posted by his parents Giles Campbell and Brittany Cervantes, they say their boy is showing marvelous signs of recovery.

After being rushed to hospital in a critical condition and suffering days of seizures, doctors had reportedly told Eli's parents to prepare for the fact that the he might go blind and suffer other debilitating effects.

Mum Brittany, currently pregnant, nurses her injured son. PHOTO: Facebook.
Mum Brittany, currently pregnant, nurses her injured son. PHOTO: Facebook.

But, three months after the incident the brave little boy has managed to amaze his family and medical professionals by gaining back his sight and standing up on his own.

"Now for the best news we could hear as parents, Eli passed an eye test for any standard 2 year old, brain-injured or not," Eli’s parents Giles and Brittany wrote on a GoFundMe page set up for the tot.

"He was able to demonstrate fixing on an object and following it with both eyes and with each eye individually.

"He was also able to pick up very small objects placed in front of him. We still don't know if he is able to see in colour, that will be something that can be assessed later."

"An amazing moment for Giles and I was while walking along the Brisbane River at South Bank, Eli looked at the water and said "ocean" (Ocean is what he used to call most bodies of water before the incident). We just looked at each other with teary eyes and said 'he can see'."

The Agnes Water parents say their boy is gradually getting back to his "energetic self".

"Eli took his first unassisted steps 2 weeks ago ... He is currently sitting, standing and walking (a little awkwardly) on his own," they said.

While Eli still has a long road to recovery ahead the family has thanked those who have supported them so far, emotionally and financially, throughout the traumatic ordeal.

In the days following the incident a fundraising page was set up by a family friend and has so far raised more than $73,000.

"To the people around the world that have been touched by Eli's story and have donated to the GO Fund Me account, and to the floods of messages we personally receive from family, friends and strangers just letting us know we are in their thoughts."

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