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Man killed by crocodile in the Northern territory, police say he was “foolish”

The man, along with two women, were attempting to wade across the state’s notoriously croc-filled Cahill’s Crossing.

By Ellie McDonald
Northern Territory crocodile attack.

While we wish this was one of those crocodile attack survival stories, sadly, a man has died after being killed by a 3.5-metre crocodile in Kakadu National Park.

It is believed that the 47-year-old man, who is from what is said to be a remote community, attempted to wade through the water across the Cahill’s Crossing, which intersects with East Alligator River.

The two women who accompanied the man into the water had made it across the crossing before the man was attacked, and alerted police he was missing.

Police then searched for the man in boats before finding his body 2km downstream.

Cahill’s Crossing is a well-known hotspot for crocodiles, and as reported by the ABC, the Northern Territory Government’s website advised that only four-wheel drives should attempt to cross the water.

Not only that, but there are copious signs at Cahill’s Crossing, warning people not to enter water by foot.

“Cahill's Crossing is notorious for crocodiles and to walk across it to me is just foolishness," NT Police Duty Superintendent Bob Harrison says, reports the ABC.

According to, the Parks and Wildlife Commission NT crocodile management chief ranger Tom Nichols agrees, stating: “People just need to be aware this time of year. They know better. They know crocodiles are in that area but people do silly things unfortunately.”

“We get tired of saying it, it is just another timely reminder that people just have to be aware the river systems do contain crocodiles.”

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