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Nostalgia alert: The best of The Australian Women's Weekly Children's Birthday Cake Book

The cult classic has been around since the '80s and is like a photo album of all our childhoods.

The Australian Women's Weekly Children's Birthday Cake Book

The Australian Women’s Weekly’s Children’s Birthday Cake Book has been around almost four decades now and has officially reached cult classic status with some people even hailing it ‘the best book ever written in this country’.

So why do Aussies love it so much?

"Because the recipes look approachable. They're a bit messy, they're not styled or polished and they're just a bit of fun, which resonates with Australian families," says Pamela Clark, who worked on 60 of the cakes at the time and is currently Food Director at Bauer Books (Bauer Media is the publisher of The Australian Women’s Weekly).

The Australian Women’s Weekly Children’s Birthday Cake Book first hit shelves in 1980 and now sits in more than a million homes around the country.

Due to such a high demand for those nostalgic recipes It was re-released in 2011 because when they suddenly disappeared, Aussies were forced to trawl through eBay to find a second-hand copy.

"The release of the vintage edition was due to me nagging my various bosses (over many years) and begging them to re-release the book," says Pamela. "We had countless requests for the reprint, despite the fact that we’d done quite a few kids cake books since 'the book with the train on the cover'."

So if you're not living in one of the million Australian homes with recipes to the 'swimming pool cake' and the 'train cake,' don't freak out because you can still buy a copy and surprise someone special with a birthday present that will out-do the rest.

In the meantime, here's 10 you'll no doubt remember from birthday parties past.

The Top 10 most iconic AWW children's birthday cakes

**1.** Humpty Dumpty
1. Humpty Dumpty
**2.** Racing Car Track
2. Racing Car Track
**3.** Rubber Ducky
3. Rubber Ducky
**4.** Beautiful butterfly
4. Beautiful butterfly
**5.** Number one. [Recipe here](|target="_blank")
5. Number one. Recipe here
**6.** Candy castle
6. Candy castle
**7.** Sweets shop. [Recipe here](|target="_blank")
7. Sweets shop. Recipe here
**8.** Dolly Varden. [Recipe variation here](|target="_blank")
8. Dolly Varden. Recipe variation here
**9.** Swimming Pool. [Recipe here](|target="_blank")
9. Swimming Pool. Recipe here
**10.** Choo-choo train. [Recipe here]( here)
10. Choo-choo train. Recipe here

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