Jungle fever: Jo Beth Taylor bowls over Shane Warne

Shane Warne is a man on the prowl and Jo Beth Taylor is just his type.

By Chloe Lal

On Monday night's episode of I’m A Celebrity Get Me Out Of Here, the 46-year-old turned his attentions to the bubbly blonde and it's set tongues wagging.

Former spin-master Shane offered the 44-year-old a comforting back massage and a side of cuddles after her fight with fellow campmate, Laurina Fleure.

The former Bachelorette incurred the wrath of Jo Beth Taylor following an incident where Laurina removed a communal mirror from camp to pluck her eyebrows.

Seemingly, the only thing that was plucked was Jo Beth’s fury towards the brunette.

“She's just so trashy. If she gets famous from being a b** I'll be so devastated at the entertainment industry,” Jo Beth told Bonnie Lythgoe as she began her tirade against the reality star.

“There's so many talented people out of work and you get famous for being a b**!”

Jo Beth found comfort in Shane's arms.
Jo Beth found comfort in Shane's arms.

Later, in the diary room, Jo Beth continued to share her thoughts on Laurina, admitting, “No one likes her, that’s the honest truth, except Havana. We all think she’s a cow."

The Nineties TV presenter was clearly ruffled by the drama leaving camp leader, Shane to swoop in a perk her up.

As the resident single person of the jungle, Shane also found time to gush about another pretty blonde, DJ Havana Brown.

“She is such a cool chick. She is so cool. She is such a cute little laugh and that, too, hasn't she?” He admitted to Brendan Fevola about the married musician.

It looks like Shane’s 14-year-old daughter Summer knows best telling KIISFM Melbourne's Matt Tilley she wouldn’t be surprised if Jo Beth caught his eye.

“One of the girls is flirting already... I can't remember her name, it's the blonde one, I think she's mid '40s,” Summer began. When asked if she meant Jo, she replied: “Yes! I think so.”

Someone who isn’t falling for Shane’s charm anymore is his camp BFF, Brendan Fevola.

The AFL legend lost his temper with the cricketer over camp rules in an ugly spat, which resulted in the pair needing to take a time out to cool off.

The duo exchanged some heated words with Fev cracking it with his mate.

“Don’t f*ing tell me to zip it! I’m not snapping,” the footy player said.

Shane responded: “Mate if you are going to be picky every time someone picks up a fry pan there’s going to be issues.”

“I stood up for myself,” the 35-year-old vented to the camp Tok Tokkie diary room right after the incident.

Laurina has been the target of Jo Beth's tirade.
Laurina has been the target of Jo Beth's tirade.

“It was just over rules. I was right and he was wrong," he added of his clash with Shane.

Surprisingly, camper and outside world comedian Akmal Saleh made an astute observation.

“Two alpha males such as those two I’m surprised it didn’t happen earlier. You are under extreme conditions, you’re not eating properly and you are living in each other’s pockets. I commend everyone in the camp that no one has been stabbed in the eye with a fork.”

Later in the episode, AFL's Brendan Fevola came to blows with mate Shane Warne over camp rules.
Later in the episode, AFL's Brendan Fevola came to blows with mate Shane Warne over camp rules.

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