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A lingerie model who strutted her stuff on the catwalk at London Fashion Week has revealed she was born a man.

Nicole Gibson's dreams of becoming a runway model came true this week when she donned a designer dress to take part in the Catwalk for Change show, which was put on to challenge the lack of diversity in the fashion industry.

She said she was thrilled with how the show went and felt she'd finally "made it" as a model.

Nicole, 32, from West Sussex, was born a boy called Glen. She came out as a gay male when she was 16 and began wearing women's clothing and makeup at 25 before beginning hormone therapy two years ago.

She now has a body most women would kill for, including 32B breasts. Her new feminine figure quickly caught the eye of a photographer, who took a series of sexy lingerie shots to launch her career as a model.

"I was shocked that he asked me and didn't think I'd look as womanly in just my underwear," Nicole told the UK's Daily Mirror. "But I loved the pictures and realised I was actually quite sexy.

"People who have seen the photos tell me I could give the Victoria's Secret Angels a run for their money."

Tomorrow, Nicole's transformation will be complete, as she undergoes a sex change operation.

She is nervous but excited ahead of the surgery and eagerly anticipating the first time she can have sex as a woman.

"I can't wait to have sex as a woman for the first time, and having seen how much interest I get from men it's something I can't stop thinking about," she said.

"I'm sure there are some guys out there who wouldn't mind experimenting, but sex as a man doesn't feel right to me. I enjoy a snog but that's as far as it goes now. I'm saving myself."

Nicole says her family fully supports her decision to become a woman and have fully embraced her new life.

"I'm really lucky as my mum's been brilliant and loves having another girl around," Nicole said.

"My dad's been great too — he totally accepts me for who I am. He's so sweet and always panics when he slips up and calls me 'son'."

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