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Princess Charlene: 'I never compare myself to Grace'

In a rare interview given just before she announced she was pregnant Princess Charlene reveals she has never compared herself to the much-loved Grace.

Princess Charlene of Monaco

In an interview published in the July issue of The Australian Women's Weekly, the former Olympic swimmer and wife of Prince Albert tells Carla Bardelli about the great admiration she has for Princess Grace.

"I have never compared myself to my husband's mother," she says. "I have great admiration for what she represented, both before and after her marriage to Prince Rainier. Especially from a humanitarian point of view," Princess Charlene adds.

"I live in homes which belonged to her and I hear about her from people who loved her for what she was beyond her public role. I appreciate things that belonged to her, her exquisite taste, her handwritten recipes, which I try to recreate. In spite of her importance, she was a woman who considered her family the greatest and most important part of her life."

 Princess Charlene in the July issue of The Weekly.
Princess Charlene in the July issue of The Weekly.

The 36-year-old who announced her pregnancy last month also discusses the rumours that circled following her wedding to Prince Albert in 2011and what it's really like to be a Grimaldi.

"Sharing your life with a person means accepting not only the benefits, the moments of joy, but also the difficulties which come with a role like mine," she says.

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