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Lisa McCune’s lover Teddy in sex tape scandal

Aussie actress Lisa McCune has become caught up in a sex tape scandal after a raunchy video of her co-star boyfriend opera lead Teddy Tahu Rhodes leaked.

The pair, who currently star together in The King And I at the Princess Theatre in Melbourne, are once again in the spotlight.

It’s not clear when the explicit home movie was filmed nor who leaked it to the media, but it appears to show naked Teddy, 47, engaging in intercourse with a beautiful brunette.

When we contacted Teddy’s ex-wife New York opera star Isabel Leonard (pictured right) for comment, her rep confirmed she hadn’t seen Teddy since their split in 2010 and “knows nothing of any video”.

Lisa and teddy began a relationship after co-starring together inSouth Pacifictwo years ago. The pair, who were both married at the time, were photographed kissing, cuddling and fondling each other in public.

The couple have been together ever since, despite confirming their relationship and their latest production seems to be their steamiest yet, with theatre insiders reporting “sexual chemistry” between their pair during rehearsals for The King And I earlier this year.

Reps for Lisa and Teddy did not respond to our inquiries.

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