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Snubbed! Keith Urban's awkward encounter with E! host Ryan Seacrest

I'm going to get to you in a second.

By Amber Manto

Keith Urban may be a big name in Australia and Nashville but standing next to wife Nicole Kidman on the red carpet at Hollywood's Golden Globes, it's clear he's not the main attraction.

The couple joined E! host Ryan Seacrest for a quick pre-awards ceremony interview upon arrival but, much to Keith's disappointment, Ryan was clearly more interested in what Nicole had to say.

"I'm going to get to you in a second," he told the country singer, brushing him off.

Keith subsequently swallowed his pride and turned away from the camera. "Oh 'I'll just be over here," he joked as wife Nicole laughed and ushered for Keith to stay by her side.

Image: E! News
Image: E! News

The host, realising he'd hurt our Keith's feelings, quickly backtracked.

"No, no, no - stay with us, I just wanted to ask you something in a second."

It seemed everyone wanted to have a chat with Nicole on the night, including fellow actor Tom Hiddleston who, mid-interview was interrupted by our cover star. Not skipping a beat he grabbed the mic, forgot his own star status and started to fire questions at Nicole about her night.

Ah well, we certainly know the pecking order at this event!

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