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Hugo Weaving: “If I was a girl, I’d be a jeans girl. With long hair. And a beard.”

The Weekly's Natalie Babic sat down with Hugo Weaving to discuss his new film, The Dressmaker as well as Kate Winslet, beards and matador capes.

By Natalie Babic

He’s one of Australia’s most respected and well-known actors, starring in films including The Lord of the Rings, The Adventures of Priscilla, Queen of the Desert, The Matrix and now, The Dressmaker.

The film sees him returning to his dress-up roots (how could we ever forget Mitzi Del Bra?!) as he plays the flamboyant Sergeant Farrat alongside Hollywood heavyweight, Kate Winslet who perfects an Aussie accent like the professional she truly is.

Hugo sat down with The Weekly to chat about the film, gushing about Kate (“She’s a really good mimic and a really great comedian”) and revealing he wouldn’t be a Dior girl but more of a “jeans girl, with my long hair out”.

The Dressmaker is released in Australian cinemas on October 29th

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