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Grant Kenny and Lisa Curry: We’re back together!

For Lisa Curry and Grant Kenny it appears love really can conquer all. The pair have started spending more and more time together despite a love child and a toy boy standing in their way.

Friends of the former golden couple, who split in 2009, have told Woman’s Day the pair are putting their differences and bitterness behind them and rediscovering the sparks that brought them together.

The couple, who share three children together, Jaimi, Morgan and Jett, have been spending more time together lately at the family home where Grant lives with two of their children.

“That home in Maroochydore on the Sunshine Coast is still Grant and Lisa’s private sanctuary,” says one family friend. “They designed it together and there are still photos of them on the walls.

“You can’t wipe out 20-plus years of marriage with a divorce.Everyone forgets they’re only separated. Even after five years apart, neither one seems keen to finalise it with a divorce.”

The pair’s latest development is one no one saw coming and is sure to break radio host Fifi Box’s heart. Fifi, who welcomed a daughter with Grant in April 2013, was hoping to rekindle the love affair with Grant.

Lisa is also still in a relationship with her boyfriend Joel Walkenhorst, who is 20 years her junior, and recently travelled with her on a motorhome holiday around Australia.

Despite this, Lisa is increasingly turning to her ex-husband for support.

“There have been family sleepovers and Lisa has cooked breakfast for Grant in the morning before she goes back home to Joel,” confirms the family friend.

Lisa and Grant’s daughter Morgan, 23, who now lives in Paris, has also helped bring her parents closer through regular Skype calls which they do together form the family home.

“Seeing them pottering around the house together again, cracking mum and dad jokes and imparting parental wisdom makes the kids happy, even though they are laughingly told not to get their hopes up,” confirms one friend.

“Lisa doesn’t even knock when she enters the house, that’s how confident she is of her welcome. She’ll march into the kids’ rooms and tell them to tidy up – and Grant loves it, because discipline isn’t his strong suit.

“Jaimi in particular is a bit of a homebody and wants her parents back together more than anything, even though she’s the one who has been most welcoming of Fifi as mother of her new sister Trixie.”

Meanwhile, it appears Fifi and Grant have chosen not to continue their liaison, helping things between Lisa and Grant further.

"Lisa is over the moon she didn’t lose him to Fifi,” her friend says.

“It’s helped her feel more relaxed around her ex. Lisa’s proud they’ve remained close since the split.”

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