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Deborra-lee Furness: Stop calling me 'lucky'

Deborra-lee Furness has asked that people stop calling her 'lucky' in relation to her life or her famous husband, Hugh Jackman.

Philanthropist and wife of Hugh Jackman, Deborra-lee Furness

"That to me is a putdown," she warns. "(It is) like you suggesting I won the chook raffle. I think we create our own destiny."

Deborra-lee is the October cover of The Australian Women's Weekly and the number 10 most powerful woman in the country, according to the magazines first ever power list.

In the interview in New York she talks about her passion for finding homes for vulnerable children as she juggles life with Oscar, 14, Ava, 9, and husband Hugh Jackman.

"When people look at my life, they don't know the challenges (I face), just like I don't know someone else’s (challenges)," she says.

"With every privilege, comes responsibility and challenges."

Deborra-lee hints in the interview that losing her father to a car accident when she was eight months old provided plenty of challenges for her as a young child.

*Deborra-lee Furness is the founder of Adopt Change, an organisation fighting for adoption law reform. Helen McCabe is on the board. National Adoption Awareness Week will take place November 9-15.

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