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Chrissy Teigen breaks her silence about her pregnancy – and her morning sickness!

Even supermodels get morning sickness!

A week after announcing her long-awaited pregnancy on her Instagram, Chrissy Teigen has spoken out about her expected arrival!

Appearing on the panel as a host for talk show FABLife, Chrissy accepted congratulations from Tyra Banks and her fellow hosts and finally opened up about her pregnancy.

“Chrissy has some of the most amazing news,” said host Tyra.

“I announced my pregnancy!” said a glowing Chrissy, who was met with applause and cheers.

“It was so hard keeping it a secret!” said the 29-year-old, “And I gotta thank all of you!”

The model, who married to musician John Legend, even alluded to a bit of morning sickness!

“Even the sound guys [sound technicians] could hear me throwing up back stage!” she said.

Speaking on the photo she used to announce her good news, Chrissy shared a hilarious anecdote about it – it was totally staged!

The photo in question!
The photo in question!

“I love that photo, because it looks so natural, but I’ll tell you how much staging went behind that — it was a lot,” she said, “There was a table in the background and I was like ‘we got to get this table out!’”

“We’re really excited. We’re so excited…” said Chrissy of her partner of nearly 10 years, “John is really, really, really excited.”

Check out some of Chrissy’s maternity style in the gallery below!

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