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Judge finally approves Bindi Irwin’s Dancing with the Stars pay cheque

After winning the US version of Dancing with the Stars, Bindi Irwin was on top of the world, there was just one problem though – was she going to get paid?

By Blake Nadilo
Bindi Irwin and Derek Hough

Bindi Irwin won Dancing with the Stars two weeks ago, however there was still doubt over whether the 17-year-old will have access to her impressive prize money.

TMZ revealed last month that the wildlife warrior needed to prove that both her parents relinquished any right the earnings because she is under 18, a document which was signed by Bindi’s mum Terri.

The US courts needed the form to also be signed by the contestant’s dad too, however, it’s well-known Steve Irwin tragically passed away in 2006.

It is still unclear whether the judge was unaware of Steve’s passing or was just being a stickler for the legal process.

The news website have now reported that after discussions with Dancing with Stars lawyers, a judge has officially issued Bindi with her much-deserved cheque, and crikey, it’s a big one!

Bindi was guaranteed $USD125,000 for just competing in the competition but after her and partner Derek Hough took home the mirror ball, the conservationist’s pay day has increased to a whopping $USD350,000 – that’ll get you a lot of khaki button-ups.

The Queenslander and her dancing partner were reunited this week after Derek flew into Queensland to visit Australia Zoo.

Bindi is currently giving Derek the full Australia Zoo experience.
Bindi is currently giving Derek the full Australia Zoo experience.

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